Strategic Plan


The Mission of Children's Institute for Learning Differences is to provide innovative school programs, therapies and training that promote social, emotional and academic growth for children with special needs.

*Fund Development 

We will increase and diversify contributed revenue.  


Our fund development efforts will be guided by a comprehensive plan grounded in relationship building which results in increased individual and foundation support. 



We will expand use of the CHILD model through added services.  


To more completely fulfill our mission, we will increase the reach of programs to serve more students, families and the community. In addition to helping more children succeed, we anticipate the resulting revenue will contribute to greater income diversity. 



We will incorporate analytical evaluation of program results into our work.  


We will assure that data is collected, maintained and properly analyzed so that objective evidence is used to guide further refinement, optimization, and the expansion of the CHILD model.



We will create a dynamic technology infrastructure that supports the mission of CHILD.  


We will continue to use resources wisely to build a smart, efficient technology infrastructure that supports the mission of CHILD.


*Board, Staff 

The board will be diversified to reflect the communities we serve and the needs of the organization.  


Board recruitment and development will be conducted in a planned and thorough manner as to assure robust leadership for CHILD by a Board that is diverse in multiple characteristics and experiences. 


Staffing will meet program needs.  


Program expansion will be grounded in appropriate staffing levels and staff development investment.  


Adopted by the Board of Trustees February 28, 2017