April 2015: CHILD Launches Recycling Program


With the help of a Green Team! Mini-Grant from King County, Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Solid Wasted Division, CHILD will soon be introducing a school-wide Recycling Program!

Ms. Denise and the Maple Classroom students are serving as CHILD's Green Team Coordinators for this project.  With help from Ms. Barbara in the Art Room, students began sketching images to bring attention to our recycling program and are now in the process of transferring their designs to a silkscreen, painting in their images with a drawing fluid and filling in the background with screen filler. In the next week or so students should be ready to print their images on paper and new large canvas recycling bags for all classrooms. We have also purchased special ink that is machine washable, which will allow students to make a customized T-shirt.

We are all looking forward to the launching of this new program and all we will learn from it, students (their families) and staff!  Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for additional updates and photos.