CHILD's cooking up something new with grant from LEGO Children's Fund

For our "Make 2/Give 1" community project, our students are each making two functional clay soup bowls. They each get to keep one of the bowls they make. The others will be donated to a local food bank (along with ingredients for making soup).

We are excited to announce that we received a generous grant from the LEGO Children’s Fund for our “Make 2/Give 1” community project. Students will have an opportunity to create two functional clay soup bowls. Once the bowls are finished, they will be asked to choose one to keep and one to give away—along with a soup recipe and all the ingredients—the Mercer Island Food Pantry

This project gives our students practice with a variety of executive and motor planning skills including time management, organization of materials, flexibility, and goal directed attention. They also have an opportunity to participate in a meaningful community service project since once the bowls and soup ingredients have been assembled, our students will deliver them to and go on a tour of the Mercer Island Food Pantry! We are grateful for the support from the LEGO Children's Fund.