A Feature-Length Documentary

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AM I BROKEN? tells the story of putting hope back into the lives of four young children who have given up on themselves. Their behavior disorders have excluded them from traditional educational settings and isolated them socially. Our story follows the journey of self-discovery and healing that puts them back on the road to a fulfilled life. It is told through the eyes of a child as teachers help them to understand themselves and instill confidence that they are capable of having the meaningful human relationships we all seek.


The children who come to the doorstep of CHILD have been failed by traditional teaching techniques. Their parents are at wits end and the children are without the tools they need to live a normal life. The teachers at CHILD do what no one else has been able to accomplish: they seek to reach the child, find their behavior triggers and give them the tools they need to manage their own behaviors so they can re-enter the mainstream educational system.


AM I BROKEN? explores what happens when impassioned educators refuse to give up on three children struggling with severe emotional and behavior disorders. The filmmakers spent every day for one full school year at a therapeutic day school for children that represents the last bit of hope for these children and their families. This film documents the daily struggles of teachers and children as they search for the hope of a fulfilled life. What emerges is a heartfelt story of pain, joy, setback, and triumph along the way to extraordinary achievement.


There are several ways CHILD can facilitate a viewing of the film -- whether you are a parent group, teaching institution or therapy provider, contact our Executive Director, Carrie Fannin, at 425.336.4070 to explore opportunities to bring the film to YOU.