Champions of Hope Society

Children referred to CHILD have suffered too many defeats at school. They have become overwhelmed by frustration, depression, anxiety and anger, as have their families. These vulnerable students and their families need supportive interventions. They also need champions who are committed to sustaining this additional support, so every student gets the tools needed for success. A champion like YOU!

When you join the Champions of Hope Society your contributions will be recognized, letting others know that you are fostering hope where once there was none. 

With gratitude, here are CHILD's Champions of Hope:

Contributors ($250-999)
James and Sheryl Acord
Robin and Dana Amrine
Shawn and Wendy Armour
Norman and Vicky Baxter
Michael and Patty Benson
Michael Burke
Charlotte Cassady
Charles Catalano
Cindy Chase
Judith Clibborn
Richard & Bonnie Collette
Cheril Daniels
Gillian Ennis
Robert Everett
Tom Everill
Beverly Fletcher
Mike Gano
Bob and Laura Gregorini
Jaffrie Grossman
Rebecca Haas
John Hansen
Scott and Kimberly Harlan
Wayne Herzog and Melany Brown
Terry Higashiyama
Laura Himple
Ross Jacobson
David and Barbara Jimenez
Lisa Johnson
Mary Juhl
Jerome Klein
Debbie Kuan
Yvonne Lamey
Jerry and Linda Lawson
Joann Lee
Yong Ling
Heather Sommerville-Lloyd
Anne Loesche
Jeff Marshall
Marcie Maxwell
Hannah Moore
Tom and Renee Moore
Susan Mraz
Becky Nickels
Vicky Nollette
Chris O'Brien
Bethany O'Neill
Cheryl Perteet
Mark St Peter
Terry Pickering
Michael and Amy Quinn
Al Ralston
Robert Reeder
Donald Rich
Ray Robinson
Sally Rochelle
Rich Roodman
Lyle Ryan
Gay Silvestri
Ben and Sandee Simpson
James Sleighter
Koren Smith
Mark Spatz
Oriana Spaulding
Mark St Peter
James Sullivan
Chea Than
Robert Thompson
Supporters ($1,000-2,499)
Laurie Adams
Claudina Campbell
Steve Gray
Stuart and Britt Heath
David Helsby
Ashley Howard
Steve Howard
Joseph Iano
Evan and Melinda Loeffler
Scott Marelli
Omey Nandyal
Kevin Peterson
Andra Pletz
Charles Quackenbush
Stuart and Amy Scarff
Robert Tutland
Contributors ($2,500-4,999)
Donna Buckingham
Mike and Susie Cero
Richard and Bonnie Collette
Mel Crawford
Beverly Cuevas
Patty Elias-Rosenfeld
David and Laura Hames
Roger and Shannon Honz
Mary Ellen Johnson
Jerry and Linda Lawson
Joice Masuda
Cynthia Melland
Don Lee and Mie  Murazumi
Richard and Verna Smith
Leo and Theresa Stauch
Michael Nesteroff and Kim Viebrock
Richard Watson
Richard Willard
Benefactors ($5K and above)
Kirk Adams and Beverly Jacobson
Kristi Adams
Ken Albrecht and Cindy Aspie
Jim and Amanda Blinn
Steve and Molly Bosch
Ray and Gay Brook
Donna Buckingham
Debra Cahoon
Ginnie Chappelle
Bo and Patricia Darling
Robert Darling
Joseph and Cathy DeLeon
Dick and Peggy Dion
Richard and Carrie Fannin
Karen Fitzhum
Daryl and Tiffany Friesen
Elizabeth Gilchrist
Don Goldberg and Gail Resnik
Thomas Hall
Kathleen Hodge
David Humphrey
Steve and Jean Hushebeck
Sydney and Debra Jaffe
Jeremy and Dawn Kim
Mat and Jenny Kordel
Mary Kraft
Nancy Laswell
Caprice Leinonen
John and Mary Matthews
Lance and Joy McIntosh
Shelley McVein
Michael and Mehri Moore
Eric Nordling and Rosaleen Presley
Karl and Anne-Berit Nordling
Kathy O’Driscoll
Laura Olson
Nelson and Ann Rosas
Scott and Lisa Schade
Rob Scott and Mary Tedd Allen
Greg and Vandana Slatter
Leo and Theresa Stauch
Sam and Lucy Sullivan
Michael and Judy Tembreull
Lee and Cathy Wangerin
Bill Weinstein
Jack and Trina Westerlund
Lisa Whittaker
Lindsley and Judith Wilson
Mike and Colleen Yuhl