CHILD’s Innovative Design and Delivery Garners Praise

Bob Gregorini, a recent visitor at child, observed students and staff engaged in joint problem solving when he and a Board Member toured  CHILD this summer.   Responding to what he saw, he later wrote, “It was truly my honor to be present in such a special environment.  To say that I was blown away would be a vast understatement.  Just getting my head wrapped around all the different programs, curriculums, the varying needs of each student, etc, is overwhelming.  What’s even more amazing is the success that you and your staff have accomplished with your students given all of those variables.  It only proves the great work that is being done at CHILD.”   

What Bob witnessed was the practice of Collaborative and Proactive SolutionsSM, also known as CPS.  CHILD has been following Dr. Ross Greene’s empathy-driven, resilience building model since 2006.  Continuous training in CPS principles and implementation are part of our ongoing in-service for all staff.  Senior staff members who lead training activities hone their own skills in live workshops led by Dr. Greene. Members of our counseling and prevention staff were among attendees at an intensive workshop held this summer here in Seattle and CHILD's Executive Director and Director of Education attended the Lives in the Balance Summit in October that Dr. Green offers every year in Portland, Maine.

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