Ongoing Support for CHILD is Growing

BECU's 2015 People Helping People Community Award Recipients

In addition to financial support through foundation grants and individual donations, CHILD is prospering from the volunteer labor of many community champions.  Their commitment to CHILD is making a huge difference:  to date, they have helped us with event registrations, logistics, and hospitality.  

Most recently, 21 ambitious volunteers from Nordstrom’s  downtown Seattle store, who participated in the United Way of King County's Day of Caring 2015 helped CHILD reclaim a large portion of wooded land on our campus that had been not used by the previous owners.  Their pruning, chopping, raking, waste-hauling, and removal of many discarded items
have furthered the establishment of additional outdoor education spaces where our students may engage in educational programs that are integral to their sensory processing development and social emotional learning.  We were amazed at what one Day of Caring can accomplish.

Lisa and Jason, two of Nordstrom's avid community volunteers, told us recently they found the reception they received from CHILD staff for their contribution of manual labor was the best ever to date from any nonprofit organization they have helped.  Sounds like a WIN/WIN to us!