Arts and Humanities

Walk through our doors and you’ll find an amazing collection of student made art hanging proudly on our walls. By assisting and encouraging a child’s creativity, you can see the development of self-confidence, imagination, problem solving, and success. Our Arts and Humanities program offers a wide range of world class opportunities in fine arts, video production, music, artistic explorations with the iPad, and much more. Art  instruction helps children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. Visual art teaches learners about color, layout, perspective, and balance -- all techniques that are necessary for presentations (visual, digital) of academic work.   At CHILD, the arts aren't an "add on" to our students' daily school experience, it's part of our core programming. 

Fine Arts

Our program not only enhances curriculum studies but evolves by listening to the interests of our students. The art rooms are a place where experimentation and self-expression are encouraged in a safe environment. Individual as well as group projects are explored to develop important skills students will need to connect with the world around them. Students get hands on experiences in painting, collage, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media.


In the late Spring of 2019, CHILD hired its first Music Teacher in over a decade, expanding our music programming from community partners, to part of our year-round curriculum.  Introducing music in school helps foster a positive attitude toward learning and curiosity and artistic education develops the whole brain and a child’s imagination. Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, signing, or playing an instrument.  Students at CHILD are given the opportunity to engage in all of those activities.  Watch this space for updates as our new endeavor takes off!

Film, Media and Video Production

Students express themselves through the eye of a video camera. Staff help to support students realize their ideas through video productions and stop motion animation. Students learn storyboarding, editing, sound design and what it takes to put it all together to tell a story.

Wednesday Clubs

Our rotating selection of 10 week clubs runs throughout the year at CHILD. Drama, light circuits, cooking, video game designing, sports and fitness (Wii), Karaoke, Minecraft, Drones, and Beyblades.  We even have a D & D club!  CHILD continues to partner with professionals in our community to further expand the options for our students.

CHILD Community

Throughout the year we have several all-school events that celebrate the CHILD community; most are open to all students, their families and members of the community.