Occupational Therapy

One of the three pillars of our core programming, the goal of sensory-based Occupational Therapy is to enable children to accurately detect, regulate, and interpret sensations and match those sensations with the execution of appropriate motor and behavioral responses so that children are able to perform everyday activities in a more adaptive and functional manner.

Our team of Occupational Therapists provide occupational therapy evaluation, individualized treatment and ongoing therapy for children in the following areas:

  • Sensory processing (visual, auditory, touch, vestibular, proprioception, oral, smell)
  • Self-regulation
  • Social engagement and play
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Organization and planning skills
  • Daily living skills

All of this occurs within two of our occupational therapy rooms where the focus is on PLAY.  Playing with friends, classmates, siblings, parents, enjoying success in school, and being able to master daily routines such as eating, sleeping, dressing, brushing their teeth -- and all of the "occupations of childhood".  When they are not in the OT rooms, our therapists are working with students within classrooms knowing that, "what's good for a sensory kid is good for ALL kids".