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CHILD’s Innovative Design and Delivery Garners Praise

Bob Gregorini, a recent visitor at child, observed students and staff engaged in joint problem solving when he and a Board Member... Read More

CHILD Family Association resumes!

Late this past spring, enthusiastic parents re-established the CHILD Family Association (formerly known as the PTO). Open to... Read More

Reducing the Heat – Working Together to Solve Problems

   The difficulties are immense for children with neurological conditions that interfere with learning. Their parents and... Read More

GiveBIG – Stretch your gift to CHILD

Mark your calendar because GiveBIG is Tuesday, May 5, 2015, and this year’s theme is “Day of Champions.”  CHILD is excited to be... Read More

April 2015: CHILD Launches Recycling Program

 With the help of a Green Team! Mini-Grant from King County, Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Solid Wasted Division,... Read More

October 2014: CHILD Founder Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

Trina Westerlund, CHILD’s Founder, was joined by her family and CHILD friends when she received a Lifetime Achievement Award on... Read More

CHILD Kicks Off School and Clinic Services and Announces First Training for 2014-2015 at Our New Home

Mid-October, students and staff gathered for a short assembly to bid farewell to CHILD’s 21-year home on Mercer Island. Some... Read More

April 2015: Every Child Needs a Home: A Regional Resource

Entry to the education floor; main building.Our project is ambitious; however our mission is clear—providing direct services to... Read More

CHILD receives grant from TJX Foundation

The TJX Foundation Board of Directors recently accepted a new grant proposal from CHILD in support of our innovative programs. ... Read More

CHILD's cooking up something new with grant from LEGO Children's Fund

We are excited to announce that we received a generous grant from the LEGO Children’s Fund for our “Make 2/Give 1” community... Read More